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Learning Exchange Program

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“As legal empowerment practitioners we have no choice but to constantly adapt and study tours like the one Namati organized for us in Bangladesh is exactly what our profession needs to share ideas and question our programming assumptions. At the end of the day it’s about serving our beneficiaries and we owe them the best possible service we can provide and that often requires us stepping out of our established comfort zones and listening to the experience of others.”
Sharif Hassanein

Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development, Jordan 



“I think now I can move in my work with more insightful and broader perspective of how things could be done in many different ways, along with me knowing that I have the Namati network with its community discussion panel, resource library, etc. to support me if I have any queries.”

Samaa Et-Turkey

Center for Egyptian Women’s Legal Assistance, Egypt



“The experience was immense for me. Every new day was an improvement over the previous one. Namati has done a great job in selecting BNWLA. As an organization, it is very important for us to improve the service we render to the vulnerable group that access our services. It is also very essential for us to retain the people (paralegals) who render these services for free and their various communities. As a programme manager, it is my duty to design and implement community and victim centered paralegal programme and as an individual and a paralegal, it’s necessary for me to ensure that I sustain the quality of service I render to the clients who come to me for support. This exchange programme has responded to all the needs stated.”


Fatima Adamu
Isa Wali Empowerment Initiative, Nigeria


“This program is very important to me especially as it is the time our organization is about to implement the paralegal program focusing on protecting violence against women. It was a very informative program that exceeded my expectations. The Victim Support Centre and One-stop Crisis Centre approach are very comprehensive and worth advocating for.”

Zaw Min Naung

United Nations Development Programme, Myanmar

Team members form NAMATI Learning Exchange program and BNWLA

Team members form NAMATI Learning Exchange program and BNWLA

BNWLA has hosted a Learning Exchange Program in collaboration with NAMATI from 28th October to 13th November, 2015. Namati is working with the grassroots level legal advocates for protecting community lands, seeking environmental justice, realizing the right to health, securing citizenship rights and empowering woman. Through Global Legal Empowerment Network Namati offers practitioners an opportunity to meet and gain knowledge from each other individually by addressing general challenges and improving legal empowerment methods. Thirteen participants from the countries like Nigeria, Tanzania, Egypt, Myanmar, Lebanon and Jordan participated in the Learning Exchange Program.

Sharing the activities of BNWLA

Sharing the activities of BNWLA


Participants in the Orientation Program.

Participants in the Orientation Program.

The Learning Exchange Program started with an Orientation Program where Towhida Khondker, Director

Legal, BNWLA gave introductory speech. In this session, participants exchanged their sharing on the activities of their respective organizations. They also figured out the challenges they face in their respective organizations like fund raising, case management with evaluation, legal knowledge, monitoring, capacity of CSO’s and sustainability of project activities.

After the Orientation Program, Adv. Fawzia Karim Firoze, President, BNWLA & Honorary Member, National Human Rights Commission and Adv. Salma Ali, Executive Director, BNWLA attended the welcome dinner with all participants.

Interactive Session in BNWLA

Interactive Session in BNWLA

Participants visited BNWLA office on 1st November, 2015 and an interactive session on “Obstacles and challenges in implementing CEDAW: Country perspective” was organized at the conference room of BNWLA. Adv. Fawzia Karim Firoze, President, BNWLA & Honorary Member, National Human Rights Commission discussed on Personal laws of Bangladesh in the light of CEDAW and Ferdousi Sultana, Gender & Social Development Expert discussed elaborately on Stand of Government & NGOs in respect of reservations to CEDAW . Adv. Salma Ali, Executive Director, BNWLA highlighted her observations on CEDAW Report, Bangladesh. With a short briefing on ‘Laws related to rights of women in Bangladesh’ the interactive session ended.


Participants Discussion with trainers in Manikganj

On 2nd November, 2015 the Learning Exchange Program team visited the two projects – Justice for All and Child Friendly Local Governance (CFLG) at Dhamrai and Manikganj successively. At Nobogram Union Parishad (UP) the team attended UP Coordination Meeting with Children and discussed with UP elected body. They also visited Child friendly ICT Corner of UP. The team then attended a bi-monthly meeting with Union Legal Aid Committee (ULAC).


During the presentation in victim support center(VSC)

The team visited Victim Support Center (VSC) and One Stop Crisis Center (OCC) on 3rd November, 2015 to learn about the activities of VSC and OCC. From this visit they obtained learning on the GO-NGO partnership approach.


Gender right and law training session in cox’ bazar


Domestic violence community training in cox’s bazar

On 7th November, 2015 the team visited the Safe Home of the organization named PROSHANTI where they experienced the programmatic interventions like schooling (joyful education), vocational class, counseling and cultural class. In the following day the team had an interactive session with BRAC and they also visited the community Para Legal Service at Geneva Camp.

meeting with the local woman committee in Rajshahi Discussion

meeting with the local woman committee in Rajshahi Discussion


Sharing views in debrief session

From 9-10th November, 2015 the team went to visit the project areas of Ending Violence through Community Action at Rajshahi. There a street theatre named “Marjaday Gori Samata” was organized to make the situation and status of the women easily understandable. The team shared their experiences of their respective countries and learned about how services are provide at Community Law Centre and visited Model Village Resource Centre where they had meeting with Group members. A debrief session was held on 11th November, 2015 the participants figured out of the ways to come out of the challenges for strengthening our community.


Executive Director of BNWLA with the entire team in the certificate giving ceremony.

With the certificate giving ceremony on 12th November, 2015 the Learning Exchange Program ended effectively.