Bangladesh National  Woman Lawyers Association (BNWLA)



BNWLA, a legal and human rights organization, provides progressive and charitable legal service to the vulnerable and disadvantaged groups especially to women and children. Since inception BNWLA is working hard to protect human rights of women and children and to enhance their social standing. In particular, BNWLA seeks to ensure justice for women and children.

Vision: To ensure rule of law and gender equality by accountable, transparent democratic practice of state to respect Human Rights and Fundamental rights.

Mission: To engage with proactive individuals and institutions for establishing rule of law and gender equality by constant advocacy , capacity building specially women lawyers’, catering legal services, delivering comprehensive psychosocial package services, building social safety net & ensuring good governance through democratic practices & also addressing women & children in conflicts .

The organization followed three thematic approaches (prevention, protection & psychosocial rehabilitation and reintegration).

Goal: To Ensure women and children rights & social justice.