Prevent and Respond to Violence against Children through Adapting Child Protection Systems Approach(PRVC)


Description of the Project:

This project is a continuation of the early phase focusing on reducing the vulnerability of children from abuse, exploitation and violence. Following the results achieved through the previous years’ implementation process, this phase had been designed. This project have been designed based on the recommendations formulated from the SCI’s ‘Strategic Review’ of the REACH Program and also through the consultations took place at different level especially with children, caregivers, stakeholders and decision makers. This project is developed based on the existing strengths and considering the gaps as areas of strategic opportunity. The system building approach has been harmonized within the project frame.

The basic purpose of this project is to strengthen the national CP system through developing tools, methods and models to enable the National Children Act 2013 in its operational modalities at both national and local level. This project will explore models to address the vulnerability of children who are at greater risk of sexual and gender based violence, children both at risk and victim of trafficking and unsafe/risky migration and children who are at different settings to fall victim under physical and corporal punishment. As an important component, all targeted children will be brought under the national Child Protection Information Management System (CPIMS).


Over the years, a significant number of children have been targeted and with the combination of a focus on specific issues with a general systems development approach, more children will access basic social services through this project. With the children, their caregivers, with enhanced capacity on positive discipline and positive parenting will be brought under the program approaches. Community duty bearers will be receiving knowledge and skills through linkages with capacitated social workers. These will lead towards a Community Based Child Protection Mechanisms in line with the Children Act 2013 to create better referral linkages of services for children.


PRVC Pictures


Development Objective of the Project:

By 2015, children are protected through a system approach from sexual & gender-based violence, unsafe migration, trafficking in selected districts in Bangladesh.

Immediate Objective 1: By 2015 children, caregivers, families and communities are more responsive with increased skills and knowledge towards preventing unsafe migration, trafficking and sexual and gender based violence.

                   Result 1.1: Well-functioning and well modeled community based CP mechanisms are in place and supported.

Immediate Objective 2:

By 2015 Children in project location who are at risk of trafficking, unsafe migration, sexual and gender-based violence have increased access to continuum of care approach with Case Management system in place.


                           Result 2.1: Child-survivors have access to continuum of basic services at the community level with capacitate service providers

                           Result 2.2: Children who are victims of unsafe migration and trafficking have access to accessible and quality center based care and protection services


Immediate Objective 3: By 2015, the national Child Protection system including legal framework become strengthened at local and national level by improved capacity of the CSOs and relevant Government stakeholders. .

                         Result 3.1: Strengthened implementation of policies and laws prohibiting child marriage and other forms of SGBV in coordination with local government and law enforcement agencies.

Result 3.2: Strengthening Evidence based advocacy through policy research, process documentation and participatory action research including MEAL contributing to the National Child Protection system

Working Areas:

  1. Gazipur Shelter Home

Vawal Gor Unoin, Ward No. -3, Thana- Joydebpur, District-Gazipur.

  1. Jessore Shelter Home

Noapara Union, Ward no.-5, Upazila- Jessore Sadar, District- Jessore

4 unions of Sharsha Upazilla-

  1. Bagachra
  2. Goga
  3. Beanpole and
  4. Putkhali

Union base office- 6 no. goga union parishad, sharsha, Jessore



Authorized person’s name and phone number:

  1. Ataur Rahman

Project Coordinator



  1. Anowar Hossain

Social Worker