Justice for All-Dhaka District(JFA)


Description of the project (in short): Justice for All-Dhaka program aims to improve access to justice, gender equality and legal empowerment for Bangladesh citizens. This project will actively work for 44 months. Justice for All-Dhaka program is implementing by the Bangladesh National Woman Lawyers Association (BNWLA) in collaboration with the National Center for State Courts (NCSC) and funded by USAID.


The overall objective of the project is to improve access to justice for poor & marginalized people of Bangladesh. This will be achieved through (a) increasing support to government legal aid committees at different level (district, upazila and union; (b) increasing awareness regarding government legal aid and legal rights among mass people; and (c) increasing acceptance of the use of formal justice system among communities.


The overall hypothesis of this project is to activate and support Legal Aid Committees at the District, Upazila, and Union Parishad levels and increase the visibility, public awareness, and community acceptance of government legal aid services and use of the formal justice system to resolve disputes and protect legal rights of citizens. The two major underlying development hypotheses under the broader umbrella of initiative are:

  • The increase in knowledge, attitude and relationship among the key players implementing laws will enhance responsiveness of the justice system by providing quality access and positive gateway for survivors to seek legal aid services.
  • The deconstruction of gender norms, reinforcing positive attitude and reduced tolerance for human rights abuses among community will enhance safer and more favorable space for citizen to seek justice around different issues/cases in Bangladesh.


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Mission/Vission of the project : The Program focuses on three core areas that, taken together, will contribute to improved access to justice:


  • Delivery of Legal Aid Improved: Reinforcement of government legal aid service efficiency, visibility, and use at the local level to ensure equal access to justice for all citizens.
  • Governance of the Judiciary Increased: Assistance to judges to improve operational efficiency, strengthen integrity, and ensure better services for all citizens.
  • Legal Awareness Increased: Legal awareness efforts by Government of Bangladesh institutions and civil society to transfer critical legal knowledge and the tools for concrete action to target communities that are beneficiaries of legal aid services.


Working areas (including address, authorized person’s name phone number, hot line): Target location of the project is five upazila and sixty two unions (Savar, Dohar, Keranigong, Damrai & Nababgong) of Dhaka district. Authorized person, Md Arifur Rahman, Project Coordinator, Justice for All-Dhaka Phone: 02-9138456, 8128686 , Email-ariflawbd@gmail.com and Dhaka legal Aid Office, District Legal Aid Officer, District Judge Court, Dhaka, Hotline: 01755889090, web: www.nlaso.gov.bd