Rehabilitation of child Trafficked victims (Including sexual violence) and children at risk in shelter based facilities

Project Name: Rehabilitation of child Trafficked victims (Including sexual violence) and children at risk in shelter based facilities

Project Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh

Project Period: 01 July 2015 – 30 June 2016

Project Funded by: Free a Girl

Project Description: Bangladesh suffers from a range of governance problems that obstruct the realization of children’s rights. Considering country’s overall child right violation scenario in the last three decadesthe organization had designed this project by considering experiences, learning’s, community and children’s perceptions, needs, etc.

The ultimate beneficiaries of this project are children aged between 0-18 years. The targeted beneficiaries are either at risk of becoming victims of violence or are now survivors of trafficking and sexual violence. In one year approximately, a total number of 40 children will be reached by providing services. A total of 80 (approximately) parents will be directly reached with an aim to ensure them to play an important role by ensuring parenting skills, psychosocial support and protection at community level for prevention of violence against children. An approximate number of 200 community members like teacher, religious leader, which includes duty bearers and stakeholders including local elites and community leaders, members of community watch group and local NGO representatives at union level will work to ensure the protection of children at community level.

The overall objective of the project is “Children are better protected from trafficking, sexual abuse and exploitation as well as other forms of violence through improved shelter based facilities at project targeted area of Bangladesh.”

Immediate objective of the project is “Increased access to institutional care services for victimized and children at risk.” Through one year intervention, the project is expected to increase access of victimized & vulnerable children to comprehensive psychosocial services at institution. This project is currently implementing in BNWLA’s own safe home situated at Gazipur, Bangladesh.

Target group:


  • Children at risk of Trafficking
  • Cross border trafficked children
  • Internal trafficked children
  • Repatriated children

Sexual violence:

  • Children at greater risk of sexual abuse
  • Children who are sexually abused in their family
  • Victim of sexual violence in urban &rural communities
  • Sexually exploited street girls
  • Girl children living and working on the street
  • Repatriated children.

Project Activity:Through this activity children will get support from this project

  • Court cases filling & conduction
  • Outdoor play ground visit
  • Cultural support
  • Survivor’s support
  • Medical support
  • Counseling support
  • Mainstream education
  • Non formal education
  • Internal vocational skill training
  • External vocational training
  • Family identification
  • Livelihood support
  • Reintegration
  • Parents meeting

Rescue & release