About Bnwla

Bangladesh National Woman Lawyers’ Association

Bangladesh National Women Lawyers’ Association is a lawyer’s association based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It was established in 1979. Its main goal is “to create equal opportunities and equal rights for every woman and child in the country.”BNWLA promotes the rights and status of women lawyers alongside fighting for access to justice for all women & children particularly for the most disadvantaged women and children in Bangladesh.

BNWLA, as a Human Rights organization with a special focus on establishment of women & children Rights, is always appeared as a pressure group to the government & international bodies & tried to keep the realities for women & children in the public eye. It has been found that without proper policy formulation and action, it is not possible to ensure any positive changes in overall developments of women and children. Following that, BNWLA is trying to bring changes in the society and also to ensure access to justice from grassroots to national level through partnership, networking and policy level advocacy. The organization followed three thematic approaches (prevention, protection & rehabilitation and reintegration) and specific strategies [1) advocacy for introduction and reform of law/policies (including research, dialogues, seminars/workshops, PIL, media, Networking, Partnership); 2) right-based prevention, protection & integration supports (including comprehensive women and child friendly packages like legal, shelter, development, psychosocial counseling & others); 3) enhancing member women lawyers’ professional capacity to act as “ Change Agents”] to resist countrywide violence against women and children & fulfill its vision “ to establish rule of law with gender equality”.

Prevention – Awareness raising/Sensitization events (both at grassroots and national level); – Capacity building of relevant stakeholders (i.e. lawyers, judiciary people, members of law enforcing agencies, community members, local government representatives, partner organizations & others); – Referral services (both grass roots & national level); – Networking (both national, regional and international)& formal partnership with government, non government bodies & community groups; – Policy level advocacy for bringing changes in practices and policies. – Research and publications on different VAW issues (i.e. wife abuse, rape, domestic violence & others); – Technical assistances to government in drafting/amending laws/policies & structuring GO services. – Media advocacy and – Community based preventive interventions (i.e. initiation of community based advisory centers for local level prevention and immediate supports). Protection -Country wide widespread legal service delivery (i.e. mediation/Shalishes, court case conduction etc) through 6 divisional offices, 42 out-reach clinics & 30 grass roots level partner organizations; – Rescue/release from different confinements; – Repatriation from different countries; – Fact finding or in depth investigation services; – Referral services (both grass roots & national level); – Victim and witness protection through community based and institutional service delivery. Rehabilitation and Reintegration – Comprehensive shelter package services (i.e. shelter, survival, development, legal, psychosocial, re-creative education, medical, capacity building and vocational trainings & others) following minimum standard care guideline & case management approaches; – Community based sustainable psychosocial reintegration supports & services (i.e. family identification, parents contact, assessment, sensitization, handover, alternative livelihood supports, community based care & protection, social protection and prevention etc). – To ensure women and child friendly rescue and recovery services for the survivors’ of different forms of violence.