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Environment friendly, gender sensitive, fair and self dependent plural society.

AVAS is working with the marginalized, pro poor, handicapped, socially excluded and deprived people to establish their livelihood rights, gender equality and dignity through participatory and sharing way.

Peoples oriented:
As desire and demand of the targeted marginalized people are the pre condition of development, people are the center point of our activities.

Rights Sensitivity:
We do believe that development is not a privilege rather it is the right of the people.

Our development goal is to ensure equity in case of rights and distribution.

Our regular exercise is to ensure indiscrimination irrespective to gender, socio economic classes, castes, colors, groups, religions.

Group effort:
Everyone of the organization is equally important; group effort is the working technique to ensure maximum and effective outputs.

Both the organization and its activities are being operated in accordance with the policies, provisions and methods.

Ensure highest transparency in operating the organization as well its workforce.

Tolerance & Sensitivity:
We are tolerated and sensitive to the existing culture, customs and etiquettes.

Zero tolerance:
We do exercise ‘0’ level tolerance in case of any sorts of violence against women and children.

Leadership development:
Leadership development process actively exists in all the stages of the organization.


Organization is a center to exercise opinions, exchange feelings and cooperation.
Ensure indiscrimination and oblige the values and policies of the organization in decision making.
Distribute the definite roles and responsibilities amongst the concern employees for encouraging them to take care of their own duties.
Gender equality and indiscrimination are visible in every sphere of the organization both in works and words.
Accountability is a process and transparency is its logical consequence.
Our sensitivity is visible everywhere irrespective to castes, colors, classes, religion, gender and the likes.
The organization patronizes knowledge and therefore likes to see the reflection of learning in its every doings.
Our management technique is to recognize the creative innovation and encourage taking the challenges.
Participatory decision making process is generally followed to encourage and foster the group effort.


AVAS Bhaban, Amir Kutir Lane
Alekanda, Barisal-8200, Bangladesh.
Telephone: 880 431 2173131, 880 431 2176170
E-mail: mail@avasbd.com, info@avasbd.com, ed@avasbd.com, finance@avasbd.com, admin@avasbd.com




Friends Association for Integrated Revolution (FAIR) is a human rights and research based non-profit, non-government, voluntary organization established in 1995. Having duly registered with Social Welfare Department, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, registration No.Kush-247/98 dated 05 October, 1998 and NGO Affairs Bureau registration No-2533 in 2010, the organization started its operation in 1998 for the welfare of the disadvantaged and deprived of rights, downtrodden, distressed, illiterate and unaware, especially socially excluded and marginalized Dalit, indigenous, women, and children in the country. The organization is run by a group of dedicated and committed people full of youth, vigor and innovation.

It has been working with Dalit community for a long time to promote their rights and dignity in the society. At the same time, it is also working against domestic violence, Right to Women & Children, Right to Equality & Social Justice, Right to Health, Right to Education, Right to Participate, Right to Social Security, Right to Information, Right to Language & Culture, Right of Indigenous & Minority Peoples, Rights to Environment, Right to Land & Natural Resources in the country. Gender and disability is the cross cutting issues, it has been integrated in all FAIR’s programs. FAIR is also playing a key role in reducing the drop-out rate of schools and upgrade the standard of education of Dalit and Indigenous students. The organization has achieved some successes in terms of establishment of the rights and dignity of those communities. Additionally, it has been conducting issue based research especially on socio-economic state of the Dalit in Bangladesh.

45/1, R A Khan Chowdhury Road
Chay Raster More, Thanapara
Kushtia-7000, Bangladesh
Phone: +880 7161 470, Cell: +880 1713 919 760, Hotline: +880 1729 600 363
E-mail: info@fair-bd.org, fair_bd@yahoo.com
Website: www.fair-bd.org


 Manab Kalyan Parishad-MKP

Manab Kalyan Parishad is a Bangladeshi NGO established in 1986. They have been working in areas such as community capacity building, effective participation enhancement on   gender and development, family laws implementation, capacity building, community participation and advocacy, campaign and networking on accessing rights (to health, child rights, land rights, intellectual property rights, right to information, PWD rights, indigenous people rights), food security, agrarian reform, and environment.  MKP has effectively promoted the participation of the youth in the democratic process by providing training on leadership, SRHR, HIV/AIDS, gender and issue based information dissemination. The youth groups are functioning based on their action plans which include blood donation camp and save blood transfusion, plantation schemes, cultural events, campaign, stand against drug and eve teasing. MKP has worked in about 9 districts in Northern Bangladesh, in more than 20 upazillas. Currently they are working on four different programs – Ethnic minority rights, Ensuring Gender Justice and Good Governance, Community Based Policing and Leadership Development Program.

Thakurgaon-Panchagarh Highway
Salander, Thakurgaon-5100, Post box-304
Phone: 0561-52222, 52229 (Office)
E-mail: info@mkp-bd.org, mkptkgbd@yahoo.com
Web: http://mkp-bd.org


NUSA(Naria Unnayan Samity)


Improvement of the socio economic condition of the target people. Awareness and empowerment of poor women.
Background and Main Challenges:
Challenge: 1) The MFI can only provide data for PKSF microfinance operations, there is a small (though immaterial) non PKSF portion that is not verifiable from audited accounts and is not included int this report. 2) River based area (Flooding and erosion) 3) Overlapping problems

NUSA, Village and post Naria, Pour Sava, UpaZila-Naria
Naria Pur Sava, Shariatpur 8020, Bangladesh
Phone: 88 0601 59 154
Fax: 88 02 891 4006
Email: hridoy@bttb.net.bd
Website: NA


Socio Economic Development Alliance ­( SEDA )


Organization Profile
Name of the Organization : Socio Economic Development Alliance ­( SEDA )
Shamshernagar Road, PO. Moulvibazar-3200, Upazilla: Sadar, District-Moulvibazar, Bangladesh
Name of Contact person: Sk. Shamsuzzaman Ahmed (Selim), Chairman
Contact: 01552 419367. 01670-590428
Office -Phone : 0088-861-62133
Email: seda_mb@yahoo.com
Date of Establishment of the organization: 05 June 1996.